I am Dr. Janine Darby, M.D., and I am running for Montgomery County Coroner. 

This position will allow me to amplify the need for preventative practices and strategies that can improve the daily lives of all county residents. I will use this platform not only to manage the day-to-day administration of the office but also to launch educational programming and awareness campaigns. I will work to bring resources to the public and information on how our community members can best maintain their overall health. Residents from historically and systematically marginalized communities are in need of a champion. As with any all-inclusive practices, the entire population will benefit when all members of our community are supported. 

The role of coroner is an opportunity to engage with Montgomery County residents and listen to their concerns while encouraging them to embrace a healthy lifestyle. Done right, the office can educate and advocate to help lessen the number of preventable deaths in our community while we elevate those who have been marginalized. I believe we can network resources to those who need them and empower our community with better overall health.


  • Board Certified in Family and Obesity Medicine
  • Award-winning Philadelphia region Physician

  • 20+ years experience in Preventative Medicine

  • Vice Chair of Lower Providence Township Board of Supervisors
  • President of a Montgomery County Non-profit Organization

  • Small Business Owner


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